Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winner of the "Refer a Friend" Draw - December

Wow! Everyone loves his/her new baskets, and many of you have referred friends to purchase one or more baskets of their own. Because December saw so many baskets find new homes, I drew 2 names from the pool. Nicole, who won in November, also became a winner in December! Our other winner is Alexis! Congratulations to both of you, winning the Tupperware 2 cup Large Duo Bowl!
The one and two cup bowls "click" together to pair things like cereal and milk, or yogurt and granola. This way your items won't get soggy when you need to transport or store them before serving.

I look forward to the January draw for those of you with referrals before the end of the month!

A Recent Fund Raiser

Here is a nice thank you note I received from an organization that raised funds with Tupperware:

"Thank you for your cheque in support of our projects. I enjoyed the Tupperware Party and am pleased with the products I ordered." - Faye in Vancouver

Thank you Faye! It is always a pleasure to be part of raising funds for a cause people are passionate about!