Friday, December 27, 2013

Price Update for Winter & Spring 2014 Catalogue

Wow!  Big time price reductions on several popular products!
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Price Reductions
Due to several factors, including more favorable raw material and production costs, we were able to reduce the price on select items. These product price reductions are effective at 12:01 a.m. your local time on Saturday, December 28, 2013.

Product                                                                                                             Old Price                 New Price

Tupperware® SmartSteamer                                                                 $167                       $139

Large Eco Water Bottle with Easy Sipper Cap/Fuchsia Kiss                 
$16                         $12.50

Large Eco Water Bottle with Easy Sipper Cap/Turquish                        $16                        $12.50

Medium Eco Water Bottles with Easy Sipper Caps                                $33                        $29

Small Eco Water Bottles                                                                         $32                        $29

Modular Mates
® Oval Set                                                                        $75                        $68

Modular Mates
® Square Set                                                                    $74                        $68

Modular Mates
® Super Oval Set                                                            $108                        $98 

Modular Mates
® Rectangular Set                                                          $146.50                  $134

Modular Mates
® Super Set                                                                    $254.50                  $229

New Products for the Winter & Spring 2014 Catalogue

Here you go... new products for the new year!  Available now!page2image27168 page2image27328 page2image27488

New Products
These products will be added to the baseline collection with the start of the Winter & Spring 2014 Catalog.
CrystalWave® Carry-All 7-Pc. Set CrystalWave® Accessories 2-Pc. Set CrystalWave® Tray
® Small Round 2-Pc. Set 1-Qt./1 L Micro Pitcher
Chef Series 12"/30 cm Non-Stick Griddle Simple Prep Recipe Booklet
® Bowl Medium
Multi-Functional Thatsa Colander

Mini Stuffables® Set
® Dining Trays set of 2
® Impressions Extra Large Bowl
Twistable Peeler
Rectangular Cake Taker
Hot Food on the Go Set
® 3-Pc. Set
® 2-Pc. Set
Large Eco Water Bottle with Easy Sipper Cap/Fuchsia Kiss Large Eco Water Bottle with Easy Sipper Cap/Turquish TupperWave
® Stack Cooker System
Ice Prisms Party Plates 4-Pc. Set
Ice Prisms Tumblers 4-Pc. Set
Ice Prisms Large Bowl
Ice Prisms Pitcher
Wildflower Lunch Set
Prep Essentials
® Cold Cut Keeper
Chocolate Martini Set
® SmartSteamer Complete Set
Salsa All-in-One Set
2-Qt./2 L Beverage Buddy
Mini Snack Cup Set
Time Savers MandolineTM
Side-by-Side Set

What Makes It New?
Reconfigured with new components New product

Discontinued List for Winter & Spring 2014 Catalogue

Here you go... if you need anything from this list please let me know asap!  Last day to order is December 27th.


Tupperware® Anti-Slip Pastry Sheet
Double Colander
Simple Indulgence Pumpkin Spice Quick Bread Mix Modular Mates
® 6-Pc. Starter Set
Ultimate Spider-Man & Iron Man 3 Lunch set
Mom's "Go To" Baking Set
Pumpkin Spice Baking Set
UltraPro 6-Qt./5.7 Roasting Pan w/ Cover
Squeeze It Decorator
Prep Essentials
® Snack-Stor® Container
Tupperware Essentials Small Serving Bowl Tupperware Essentials Large Serving Bowl Tupperware Essentials Condiment Server
Tupperware Essentials Rice Server with Serving Spoon Tupperware Essentials Soup Server with Ladle Tupperware Essentials Stirring Pitcher
Chip ’N Dip
Chef Series 20-Qt./19 L Stockpot with Cover
Chef Series Complete Knives
Winnie the Pooh Feeding Set
Winnie the Pooh Big Wonders® Bowls
Chef Series Cookware 6-Pc. Starter Set
Chef Series 8"/20 cm Fry Pan
Ice Cream Scoop
® Microwave Mini Rice Maker
® SmartSteamer Get it All Set FridgeSmart® Large
Disney Princess Beverage and Snack Set CrystalWave
® Meal Solutions 6-Pc. Set
® Mold
Insulated Tumbler with Drip-Less Straw Seal
Vent ’N Serve® Large Deep
® Lunch ’N Dish with Cold Cup
Complete Spice Shaker Set (Black & Passion)
Micro Pitcher Set
® 5 Pc. Set
UltraPro 1.75-Qt./1.8 L Loaf Pan
Chocolate Martini Gift Set
Salsa Celebration Set

page2image27168 page2image27328 page2image27488