Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tupperware Ice Tups Recipe

I hope summer isn't over because I want to make these yummy popsicles/ice-lollies!  These are raw, healthy, and delicious! I've got the perfect little Tupperware Ice Tups for the job!

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This recipe is inspired by the desire to eat/drink "cool and refreshing".

It's nothing fancy, no rocket science involved. Simply grab some fresh fruits of your choice and blend or juice them up into a liquid, and then pour into lolly moulds for the healthiest, most delicious ice-lollies possible

Below is a recipe to get you started...

Blender, Ice-lolly moulds

1 cup of raspberries
Juice of 2 oranges
1 ripe mango
Juice of 3 apples
Juice of 1/4 lemon

  1. Process the ingredients in your blender or juicer (obviously if you blend you'll have more of a smoothie-on-a-stick than a lolly, but anything is good!)
  2. Pour into ice-lolly moulds and place in freezer until solid.
  3. Sit back in a sunny garden, put one arm behind your head, look up to the sky and suck!!

(Oh yes, you may or may not want to share with the little people in your life!)

Raw Coach Top Tips:

  • Make fruit ice-cubes by pouring any excess into ice-cube trays and freezing as normal. Great for livening up still or sparkling water.
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