Sunday, March 2, 2008

TupperLiving coming in March 2008!

TupperLiving is a whole new line being introduced in March! So far there are no available pictures, but as soon as there are I'll get them up.

Look for Microfiber Dishcloths, Microfiber Multi-purpose Towels, and Microfiber Kitchen Towels!

Microfiber cloths are hailed as the best cleaning products in decades and are the latest must have for every home. The Kitchen and Multi-Purpose Towels feature double-sided waffle design, hemming throughout and extraordinary fiber content that allows each towel to absorb seven to eight times its weight in water!

Can you imagine.... looking forward to cleaning your dishes and home?

Reasonably priced and discounted with an introductory price, these Microfiber items are going to be very popular. I love the idea that the Microfiber Dishcloths can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. How cool is that?

And to complement the escence line of Hand Soap, Pot & Dish Soap, and Hand Lotion, Tupperware is adding the escence Fragrant Reed Diffuser.

Fill the elegant etched glass bottle with the invigorating scents of fresh citrus and cilantro. Reeds gradually absorb and dispense scent throughout the room for a flameless, artistic alternative to candles. The set includes everything you need for a lovely display.

Book a party in March to show off these latest Tuppeware additions and receive a Microfiber Dishcloth and Microfiber Multi-purpose Towel from me FREE as well as your regular host gifts!

Check back often for an update.

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