Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Large Carry All

Here is one of Tupperware's most sought after products for organizing cupboards! The Large Carry All, with its 58 cup capacity, is only brought out from time to time, but is thoroughly loved by anyone whose used it. Perfect for bulk goods such as flour, sugar and rice. It will accommodate a 10kg bag. Some people like it for dog food, and I've know people to use it for large quantities of produce. It also makes good storage for small children's toys.

The regular price is $50 CDN, but I have a few (brand new of course!) in stock in sheer caribbean with matching seal, that are 35% OFF. A great price at $32.50!

Drop me an e-mail or call me at 604.261.1509 if you'd like one. Only available while my stock lasts as I am unable to order more from Tupperware at this time.

I also have 2 half Carry Alls that are sheer with Caribbean seals.

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