Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are you concerned about the composition and safety of toys available in the market today?

You will want to know that Tupperware Toys, like all Tupperware products, are still a safe choice for your children and grandchildren. To meet consumers concerns, Tupperware has published the following statement about Tupperware Toys:

"For over 60 years Tupperware has been designing products that help simplify people's lives. As one of the world's most trusted brands, Tupperware products continue to meet or surpass Government safety standards. This dedication and attention to safety applies not only to our food containers, but also to Tupperware Toys. Tupperware Toys are all tested for safety by independent, certified laboratories and Tupperware. Toys have met or exceeded all applicable government and industry safety standards, including those applicable to heavy metals such as lead."

The other good news is that Tupperware has added new toys that are available now, just in time for the Christmas season! Click on the following link to check them out.

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