Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food Prices on the Rise Big Time!

A twenty % increase in the cost of flour and rice is nothing compared to the price I paid for flour this week at Capers, which was recently bought out by Whole Foods. Anita's Organic unbleached white flour rose from an already pricey $5.99 to an outrageous $9.99 for 2 Kilos! It is not hard to imagine a loaf of bread going for $10 at this rate.

So, for sure you don't want any of your staples to go to waste. You don't want to lose any of your dry goods to bugs, or to oxidation that causes rancidity.

Here is a recent experience I had with flour that you might be interested in: I bought some whole grain cake and pastry flour that was sealed with an expiry date towards the end of 2009, and when I opened it I took a whiff to make sure it was fresh. Boy, I was glad I did, because although it should have been as fresh as the day it was ground, it was rancid. How did I know? Fresh flour should have no odor at all. If it has any "smell" at all it is rancid. White flour keeps almost indefinitely because the "germ" has been removed. The "germ" is where the wheat berry stores the oil, and it is the oil that goes off. Whole wheat flour will stay fresh for about 3 months when stored in a cool dark cupboard, but for longer storage keep it in the fridge or better yet, keep it in the freezer. Your Tupperware containers like Modular Mates are ideal for storing grains and flours for optimal freshness, and they even work in the freezer. Don't let your expensive grocery purchases go to waste... store them in Tupperware!

Modular Mates are available in Brilliant Blue or Passion (shown)

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