Monday, November 3, 2008

Smart Savings are in the Bag!

Recent research shows that more people are eating out less in order to save money. By making and taking lunch to work, you can save serious dollars.

Let’s say you spend $7 a day or $35 a week for lunch, $5 a day or $25/week for coffee and/or breakfast, and around $8 a week for gas to travel to and from lunch. Your total expenditure is $68 a week or over $3500 a year! In many cases, that total can easily rise to between $3900 and $5200 a year!

With increased economic pressures, you have a great opportunity to save money with Tupperware® products. See how easy it is to create tasty, healthy and affordable lunches from leftovers or from your imagination. You can stock up on lunch tips by searching for “healthy lunch tips” on the internet.

Think about how much money you can save with Tupperware® products. And unlike storage bags and cheap imitations, Tupperware® products are designed to last so they won’t be tossed into landfills, creating a win, win situation!


Valentina said...

Tupperware does indeed last and last .....I bought my first sets eons ago (ok... over 3 years ago) and am still using some of the pieces.

Valentina said...

correction.... that should be over 30, yup, three zero (not just 3) years ago!