Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Items Being Discontinued in the Holiday 2009 Catalogue

Here is a list of the items being discontinued with the release of the New Holiday Catalogue. If there is anything you want or anything you need to complete your set, let me know before August 28th.

Spin ’N Save™ Salad Spinner
Small Sports Bottle
Ice Cream Scoop
Mickey Mouse Ice Tups® Set
FlatOut!® Colander
Large Spice Shaker Set
Small Spice Shaker Set
Fresh ’N Cool™ Set
Tupperware® Impressions Summer Set
Vent ’N Serve™ 5-Pc. Large Set New Colour
Vent ’N Serve™ Divided Dish New Color
Vent ’N Serve™ Mug New Color
Vent ’N Serve™ Medium Shallow New Color
Vent ’N Serve™ Medium Deep New Color
Vent ’N Serve™ Small Round Set New Color
escence™ Trio
Heat ’N Serve™ Square Round Container 5 Cup/1.2 L
Heat ’N Serve™ Square Round Container 2 Cup/475 mL
Radiance by Tupperware Small Serving Bowl Set
Radiance by Tupperware Medium Serving Bowl
Radiance by Tupperware Large Serving Bowl
Radiance by Tupperware Plates Set
Radiance by Tupperware Mini Bowl Set
Radiance by Tupperware Bowl Set
Simple Indulgence™ Cinnamon Chip Scone Mix
FlatOut!® 3-Cup/750 mL Container
TupperLiving™ Blooming Teapot Replaced with New Design
Mini Impressions Set
Egg Trays (set of 3)
Burger Press
SpongeBob SquarePants™ 10-Year Anniversary Set
Microfiber Towel Sample Set
Prep Essentials® Value Set
Grilling Marinade Set
Simple Indulgence™ Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea
Simple Indulgence™ Pomegranate Red Iced Tea
Simple Indulgence™ Mango Apricot White Iced Tea
Citrus Juicer
Iced Tea Tumblers with Spoons
English Toffee Baking Set
Summer Fruit of the Season Tumblers
Ice Cream Serving Set
Refrigerator Set
Barbecue Set
Iced Tea Lovers Set
Microfiber Cleaning Set
Pick-A-Deli® Mini Container (fundraiser item)
Freezer Square Round Mini Set (fundraiser item)

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