Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Use for a Citrus Peeler!

I'm sure you have many uses for a Citrus Peeler that are not listed here, and I'd love it if you would add your comment here or send me an e-mail on what you have found it useful for. I've come up with one that I think is worthy of adding myself.

You know that very expensive anti-aging serum that we buy, hoping to delay the inevitable? Well, when I got down to the last pump I knew there was still some in there, and I wasn't about to sacrifice it. So, I got my husbands tools out and opened the container, and at the bottom was a little cream! I could have used a Q-Tip, but much of the cream would have been absorbed in the Q-Tip, so I grabbed my Citrus Peeler and rescued that valuable cream. I got another 3 days worth of use from it. Over time that'll save me thousands!

I hope you are enjoying your Citrus Peeler. If you don't have one, please let me know, and we'll figure out how to get one for you. It is a must have!

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