Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tupperware Olympic Spirit!

Vancouver is host city to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games!

Tupperware Inukshuk

Do you have the Olympic spirit?

I do!

And to celebrate I am staging an Olympic event of my own. From Feb 12 - Feb 28 you may take an extra 10% OFF anything RED, WHITE, or RED & WHITE. Applies to Catalogue, Flyer, and in-stock items. (Sorry, this offer does not apply to party sales.)

One more week to purchase Modular Mates to organize your cupboards at 40% OFF. Ends Feb 19th. With my offer purchase the ones with the Passion (red) seals and save 50%!

Don't wait - call me today! 604.261.1509


Here is a picture of some of my red, white and red & white Tupperware. Come by and browse, and save an extra 10% on your purchases!


Julie said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog ;) keep up the good work!

Cheryll said...

Thanks for that Julie! I appreciate you visiting.