Sunday, September 21, 2008

FridgeSmart Containers are a Necessity!

Just look at what I picked up in my basket at the local farmers market! I couldn't resist showing you what I do with it when I get home.

My 2 butter lettuces are rinsed and placed in a large FridgeSmart Container, where they will be refrigerated until I prepare a salad for dinner. You might notice the fresh broccoli in another FridgeSmart Container, and last but not least, those beautiful greens of Swiss Chard and Beets will occupy a third large FridgeSmart Container. Everything is ready to prepare, and will keep way better than if stored in a plastic bag.

And did you notice? I didn't need to pick up even 1 plastic bag at the market! Can you tell? I love my folding baskets and my Tupperware! They save me both time and money, and I have the freshest produce in town!

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