Thursday, September 4, 2008

Record Breaker Month is Here!

Statistics show that September is actually the start of most people's year - that typically we are more productive between September and the end of the year, than during any other period in the year.

School is back in and the casual life of summer is over... even for those of us who don't have little children. And what I've noticed is, that many of us are looking to get organized, whether we need containers to transport a lunch, or just to house the produce in the fridge. And would you believe it? Some have even mentioned the words "Christmas shopping" already! And of course, Tupperware can help with Christmas baking, by saving us time, when we use the fabulous bowls and little gadgets, and save our creations, when we store them in the virtually air and liquid tight Tupperware containers.

September is a special month in the Tupperware world too. It is affectionately referred to as "Record Breaker Month". During the month of September, Tupperware Consultants are challenged to break their previous best September month of sales. To support us in the field, Tupperware offers awesome host exclusive gifts, as well as amazing consumer offers. So for you, it is truly the best time of year to host a party! You can get organized, and purchase those reusable containers, that will save you lots of money, and reduce what you send to the landfill. A win win situation. You can also start your holiday shopping with our brand new catalogue, and find some unique items you will love to have and to give! And Hosts, Tupperware love to give you FREE Tupperware products to thank you for hosting.

Give me a call or drop me an e-mail to fit Tupperware into your September!

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