Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TupperLiving Blooming Teapot with Infuser Review - by Valentina Bellicova

I love my Tupperware teapot!

When Cheryll showed me her Tupperware catalogue, the beautiful glass teapot immediately caught my eye. I liked the shape, the angled handle and that it was glass! It looked so modern and yet so classic. Of course I ordered the large sized one right away.

It arrived in practically no time at all. It was even better in real life than as a picture. So elegant! Cheryll pointed out the clip on the lid as a nice feature that keeps the lid from flipping when pouring the tea. At first I thought this was a frivolous feature until I started to use the pot and noticed that I no longer needed to put my other hand over the lid to keep it from falling off the pot.

The feature I like best though is the infuser. I’m a tea granny from way back. I like my tea loose. I like that I can put the tea leaves in the infuser, let them steep and when the tea reaches the strength at which I like to drink it, I just remove the infuser from the pot. This is important because tea leaves left to steep begin to take on a bitter taste after a while.

Oh, did I say that I got the Tupperware tea as well? I would pay a lot more for a tea of that quality at the tea store I normally buy my teas from and it is simply delicious!

I think that this makes for a wonderful gift – Christmas, birthday, showers, housewarming... I mean the list is endless.

Valentina Bellicova

PS. I forgot to mention that it pours well as so often the tea drips form the spouts and you get a soggy tablecloth.

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Colin Newton said...

If you don't mind me asking, how much was this in the catalogue? I looked for it on Tupperware's website, but I could not find it.